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As a valued member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers and Safety Management Systems (IIESMS), you unlock numerous opportunities for career advancement and continuous learning. Our extensive membership services offer a platform for you to refresh your knowledge and skills regularly. IIESMS provides access to various resources designed to propel your career forward. You can network with hundreds of other IIESMS members across Ireland and connect with thousands more globally.

In addition to these advantages, IIESMS offers practical solutions to your professional needs, including further education, recruiting, and consulting services. We provide various professional development opportunities, from workshops and seminars to advanced certification programmes. These educational resources are meticulously designed to keep you at the forefront of your field, constantly updating you with industry trends and best practices. This commitment to continuous learning equips our members with the tools to maintain a competitive edge in their professional lives.

We also foster connections with other relevant professional organisations, enhancing the breadth of our members’ professional networks. By collaborating with industry leaders and regulatory bodies, IIESMS ensures our members are always informed about significant changes and developments within the sector. Furthermore, IIESMS liaises between its members, the Irish government, and other regulatory authorities, advocating for policies that benefit our profession. This proactive engagement ensures that our members are always at the forefront of industry developments and legislative changes, reinforcing their influence and standing within the industry.

Membership Grades

IIESMS Offers Two Primary Membership Grades

IIESMS offers two primary membership grades: Corporate and Non-Corporate. Each grade is designed to cater to the diverse needs of our members, whether they are established professionals or students embarking on their careers. Corporate Membership grants voting rights and the use of professional designatory letters, signifying a higher level of professional engagement and recognition. This grade is intended for individuals who have achieved significant professional milestones and possess qualifications demonstrating their expertise and commitment to their respective fields.

Corporate Members benefit from exclusive opportunities to influence the direction of the institute through participation in General Meetings and voting on critical issues. This involvement ensures their voices are heard in shaping the profession’s future. Additionally, the use of designatory letters such as CFSM.IIESMS (Certified Fire Safety Manager) or CHSM.IIESMS (Certified Health and Safety Manager) reflects their advanced standing and professional accomplishments, enhancing their credibility and career prospects.

While Non-Corporate Membership does not confer voting rights or designatory letters, it substantially benefits students and emerging professionals. This membership grade is particularly advantageous for those who are still in the process of gaining experience and qualifications. It offers reduced membership rates, making it financially accessible for students, and provides access to a vibrant community of peers and mentors. Non-corporate members can utilise networking opportunities, professional development resources, and mentorship programs to support their growth and integration into the professional community. This supportive environment helps emerging professionals build a strong foundation for their future careers and prepares them for an eventual transition to Corporate Membership.


Corporate Members

Corporate Membership at IIESMS is designed for professionals who meet specific educational and experiential criteria, ensuring a high standard of expertise within our community. To qualify, candidates must possess a qualification equivalent to at least Level 6 on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications and demonstrate an interest in developing and managing systems that integrate people, materials, and energy safely and effectively. This membership grade allows you to influence the direction of our institute through voting rights at General Meetings and entitles you to use professional designatory letters. Additionally, individuals can achieve Corporate Membership through recognition of prior learning and industry experience, subject to the approval of the membership committee, ensuring that extensive practical experience is also valued alongside formal qualifications.

As a Corporate Member, you join a distinguished community committed to excellence in industrial engineering and fire and safety management. This elite group of professionals is dedicated to setting and maintaining the highest standards in their fields, contributing to advancing industry practices, and promoting safety and efficiency. Engaging in our community allows you to collaborate with other experts to share knowledge, tackle complex challenges, and drive innovation. Your involvement also includes access to exclusive events, workshops, and conferences that keep you informed about the latest developments and emerging trends in industrial engineering and safety management.

Corporate Membership also allows you to choose from various professional titles, reflecting your area of expertise and your commitment to your field. Titles such as Certified Fire Safety Engineer (CFSEng.IIESMS), Certified Safety and Health Professional (CSHP.IIESMS), Certified Healthcare Safety Professional (CHcSP.IIESMS), Certified Environmental Engineer (CEEng.IIESMS) and Certified Industrial Engineer (CIE.IIESMS) highlight your specific qualifications and professional focus. These titles enhance your professional standing and career opportunities and signify your dedication to maintaining high standards and continuous improvement in your work. As a Corporate Member, you are recognised as a leader and influencer within the industry, with a platform to contribute to shaping the future of industrial engineering and safety management.

Non-Corporate Members

Non-Corporate Membership at IIESMS is tailored for students and emerging professionals actively pursuing their education and early career development in engineering or scientific disciplines. Eligibility for this membership requires enrolment in courses certified by IIESMS or approved by QQI. This membership category is particularly beneficial for students, offering reduced membership rates to ensure that professional development is accessible from the beginning of their careers. By joining IIESMS early on, members can build their professional credentials and gain valuable insights into the industry.

Non-corporate members are part of a dynamic and evolving community, benefiting from access to a wide array of IIESMS resources, including technical publications, industry reports, and online learning platforms. These resources are designed to enhance their knowledge and skills, keeping them abreast of the latest trends and technological advancements in their fields. Furthermore, Non-Corporate Members can participate in networking events, workshops, and seminars, essential for connecting with seasoned professionals and potential mentors. These interactions provide invaluable guidance and support, helping members to navigate their early careers and develop a clear professional trajectory.

While Non-Corporate Membership does not include voting rights or the use of designatory letters, it provides a solid foundation for professional growth. It prepares members for future advancement to Corporate Membership. This supportive environment fosters the next generation of professionals, ensuring they are well-equipped to contribute to their fields with innovative ideas and a robust professional network. As they progress in their careers, non-Corporate Members can leverage the experiences and connections they have made through IIESMS to transition smoothly into corporate membership, where they can further influence the industry and achieve higher professional recognition and responsibility.