The Institute of Industrial Engineering and Safety Management Systems

We are the professional and qualifying body for those involved in Industrial Engineering, Fire and Safety Management Systems

Who We Are

The Institute of Industrial Engineering and Safety Management Systems (IIESMS) is a non-profit, non-governmental, non-political Irish based professional Institute dedicated to the development and support of Industrial Engineering, Fire Safety and Occupational Health and Safety professions. IIESMS act as adviser, advocate and trainer for engineering professionals working in organisations of all shapes and sizes throughout the world.

IIESMS is committed to the use of sustainable engineering, the enhancement of the efficiency of engineering processes, resource use, and a holistic adoption of environmental stewardship in engineering activities. Improving and creating Sustainable Products and services will support the transition to a “sustainable green economy”. Our focus is to help our members in creating workplaces that are safer, healthier and more sustainable.

IIESMS is both a provider of programmes and an awarding body in its own right. Awarding bodies are organisations that have the authority to “give awards” or “award qualifications” to individuals. This role is distinct, not to be confused with comparable duties such as awarding recognition or issuing licences to practise, which are the purview of particular professional organisations. While awarding agencies with legislative authority make most essential awards, numerous professional organisations also make significant awards. As a result, although the vast majority of programmes and courses in Ireland lead to Irish credentials, it is also true that many programmes and courses in Ireland lead to non-Irish honours, such as awards from international organisations or national awards from other countries.

We’ve all heard of the phrase “Work-Life Flow”, but the reality is, our daily responsibilities don’t always arrive in a balanced way. Work-Life Flow refers to the dynamic equilibrium between an individual’s professional and social roles.

What We Do

What is Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering may be defined as “Understanding the design, safety, improvement and installation of integrated systems involving people, information, materials, equipment and energy, incorporating environmental and social constraints as well as economic considerations into engineering decisions”. It draws upon specialised knowledge and skill in the mathematical, physical, chemistry, biology, microbiology, physics, anatomy, physiology, occupational health and safety, and social sciences to create an approach to developing new products and services that are in tune with “Sustainable Development Goals set out in Agenda 2030 – EU Green Deal goals for Sustainable Industry, Sustainable Products and a Circular Economy”.

What are Fire and Safety Management Systems

The main goal of a fire or safety management system is to develop, manage, plan, and coordinate proper fire and safety procedures to minimise the risk of death or injury and guarantee the safety of building occupants to the greatest extent practically possible in a given situation. An effective fire, health, and safety management system, which includes risk assessments, policies, procedures, and other measures that employers encourage ongoing health and safety improvement, is a vital component of any business’s long-term viability and sustainability. Membership in IIESMS will assist you in raising the performance of your current fire and safety management systems to a higher level. Having a comprehensive fire and safety management system in place allows an organisation to guarantee legal compliance while also protecting lives and assets on a day-to-day basis.

What is Sustainable Engineering

Sustainability in engineering is of great importance to any plans for overall sustainability given the pervasiveness of engineering activities in societies, their importance in economic development and living standards, and the significant impacts engineering processes and systems have had and continue to have on the environment. Engineering is applying scientific and mathematical principles for practical purposes such as the design, manufacture, and operation of products and processes while accounting for constraints invoked by economics, the environment, and other sociological factors.

Our Mission

To serve and support all those working to solve the world’s complex and critical problems sustainably whilst providing a safe workplace that both protects the occupants and the environment.

Our Vision

An inclusive organization that advances promotes and unites the Industrial Engineering and Safety Management Systems profession internationally – in performing (working, acting, behaving) in a sustainable manner that does not compromise the environment for future generations

News & Events

Who We Work With

The Irish Government has granted IIESMS the right to make a nomination to the Industry and Commerce panel of the Irish Senate; IIESMS is often consulted for input to government-industry white papers

In more recent years, the IIESMS has taken an active role and partnered in many European Union-funded projects