About Us

As a non-profit organisation, IIESMS provides leadership in the application, education, training, research, and development of industrial, fire, safety and management engineering.

IIESMS professionals work in all sectors of the economy, such as manufacturing, aerospace, agriculture, food processing, construction, healthcare, pharma, forestry, finance, leisure, fire & safety, hospitality, logistics, the service sector and education.

The Institute recognises that engineering is continually evolving, and engineering education is constantly changing. In light of this, the Institute, since its foundation in 1955, has worked closely with both the business and education sectors to ensure IIESMS professionals have the relevant skills and competencies needed to be effective in a modern business environment.

In recent years IIESMS has broadened its stakeholder group to include “policymakers” at the EU, National and Regional levels. This has allowed us to create a triumvirate of stakeholder groups that can match educational programmes to business needs and ensure the skills and competencies needed to support the Sustainable Development Goals stated in Agenda 2030 and EU Green Deal policy documents.

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