Fire Safety Member


The Fire Safety Member (FSM.IIESMS) credential from the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Safety Management Systems (IIESMS) is designed for individuals who have recently completed their engineering education and are beginning their professional careers. This membership grade provides access to resources and support to help graduates transition from academic study to professional practice.

Eligibility Requirements

To become a Fire Safety Member at IIESMS, candidates must meet the following criteria.

Educational Qualifications
  • A QQI Level 7 qualification in a fire safety engineering discipline, or
  • A primary degree in engineering accredited by IIESMS, or
  • An equivalent qualification recognised by IIESMS.
Professional Experience

There is no minimum professional experience requirement for the Fire Safety Member grade. This membership is designed for those transitioning from academic study to the early stages of their professional careers.

Professional Competence

Candidates must demonstrate competence in key areas, including:

  • Application of engineering knowledge.
  • Effective communication.
  • Professional conduct and ethical practice.
  • Commitment to continuing professional development (CPD).
Professional Review

Candidates must submit a detailed application providing evidence of their qualifications and demonstration of competence. This process includes.

  • Submission of a detailed report outlining the candidate’s engineering knowledge and how it meets the required competencies.
  • In some cases, IIESMS conducts a professional interview to assess the candidate’s knowledge and competencies.
Continued Professional Development (CPD)
  • Active engagement in CPD activities to maintain and enhance professional skills and knowledge.
  • Fire Safety Members must update their CPD records to maintain their status and ensure their skills, knowledge, and experience remain current.
Professional Review

Review of submitted documentation and, in some cases, an interview to assess the candidate’s competencies and commitment to the profession.

Fees and Membership

Members who achieve Fire Safety Membership are entitled to use the designatory letters FSM.IIESMS. The fees associated with the certification process include the following:

  • Registration: €15.00
  • Grade Review Fee: €150.00
  • Practice Review: €75.00 (Alternative Route Only)
  • Report Re-assessment: €75.00 (Where applicable – Alternative Route Only)
  • Interview Assessment: €50.00
  • Administration Fee: 20% of the total application process fee (On successful application)
  • Annual Subscription Rates: €245.00

Achieving the FSM.IIESMS certification marks a significant milestone in a professional’s career. It offers recognition and credibility, providing exciting opportunities for career advancement within the field of fire safety. Certified Fire Safety Members are essential in ensuring the safety and security of workplaces and public spaces, using their technical expertise to implement and maintain effective fire safety measures. This certification is an ideal graduate starting point, offering a solid foundation for future professional growth and development.

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