Training Partners

Training Partners

Factors we consider in a Training Partner

Engineering is a broad field collaboration, and corporate support can provide programs that offer synergy and intellectual stimulation to all parties. IIESMS looks for opportunities to collaborate with other organisations to expand professional development and educational opportunities for members.

Contact Director of Membership Donal Nolan for more information.

As soon as your company recognises the need for training, the following step is to determine which kinds of training should be pursued and who should be responsible for delivering those programmes. You’ll most likely discover a large number of training partners that provide the courses you’re looking for, but filtering down the list may be difficult. As a result, these are the five most important criteria we examined while choosing the best training partners;

Expert Skills and Experience – Experience in the field is essential when looking for a training partner. The best teachers are masters in their fields and practise what they preach. They educate on the correct method to accomplish things and handle issues when things don’t go as planned. Experienced trainers should be powerful thought leaders who share resources. You want a trainer that is enthusiastic about their job and eager to teach.

Proven Track RecordBringing in a training partner helps tackle issues you can’t presently solve alone.  IIESMS makes sure our training partner has a proven track record of helping customers achieve their objectives.

A Tailored Approach – When an organisation hires a trainer, they’re attempting to fulfil particular requirements, and people inside the organisation typically have varying degrees of experience. So having a training partner that understands your organisation’s requirements and customises material for your audience is priceless.

Thorough Preparation – Involvement of the training partner is essential. As previously said, training takes time, and no one wants to spend time addressing technological problems while attending a session. It’s also critical to know the trainer-to-student ratio so that everyone gets the attention they need. Having several trainers accessible allows participants to seek assistance while the leading trainer is teaching.

Ongoing Support – It’s important to remember that just because you learn something new doesn’t imply all your questions are solved. An excellent trainer is accessible and available after the instruction. A genuine training partner will offer you the tools and resources to keep studying beyond the session. Ask prospective training partners whether they provide post-training assistance.


Our Training Partners

Leading Edge Group

Leading Edge Group develops a natural bond with leaders focusing on business transformation. We grow as your organization grows and improve performance by providing customized services that deliver measurable results.


PhoenixSTS are Fire Safety, Health & Safety and First Aid training courses countrywide. They also provide expert advice in the area of Fire Safety and Health & Safety countrywide.