Training Partners

Training Partners

Factors we consider in a Training Partner

In the expansive engineering fields, collaboration and corporate support can provide programs that offer synergy and intellectual stimulation to all parties. IIESMS actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with other organisations to broaden professional development and educational opportunities for members. For more information, please contact our Director of Business, Donal Nolan.

When your company recognises the need for training, the next step is to determine the training types to pursue and who should be responsible for delivering those programmes. You’ll likely encounter many training partners that offer the courses you’re seeking, but narrowing down the list can be challenging. Hence, we have identified the five most crucial criteria to consider when choosing the best training partners:

Expert Skills and Experience: When seeking a training partner, field experience is vital. The best instructors are masters in their fields and practise what they preach. They instruct on the correct methods to achieve goals and address issues when things are unplanned. Experienced trainers should be influential thought leaders who share resources. You want a trainer who is passionate about their work and eager to teach.

Importance of a Training Partner with a Proven Track Record, Tailored Approach, Thorough Preparation, and Ongoing Support.

Proven Track Record: Engaging a training partner helps address issues you can’t resolve independently. IIESMS ensures that our training partner has a proven track record of assisting customers in achieving their goals.

Tailored Approach: When an organisation hires a trainer, they’re attempting to meet specific needs, and individuals within the organisation typically have varying levels of experience. Therefore, a training partner that understands your organisation’s needs and customises material for your audience is invaluable.

Thorough Preparation: The involvement of the training partner is crucial. As previously mentioned, training takes time, and no one wants to spend time addressing technological issues during a session. Understanding the trainer-to-student ratio is critical to ensure everyone receives the attention they need. Multiple trainers allow participants to seek assistance while the primary trainer is teaching.

Ongoing Support: It’s important to remember that learning something new doesn’t mean all your questions are answered. An excellent trainer is accessible and available after the instruction. A genuine training partner will provide you with the tools and resources to continue learning beyond the session. All training partners offer post-training support.

Our Training Partners


IBK is one of Europe’s leading experts on Business Excellence both as a Coach and as a provider of IT bases assessment solutions. Its GOA-WorkBench® supports collecting and consolidating company-wide self-assessments for various topics and has been used in formal recognition and award processes for CAF, EFQM, IPMA, etc. On the individual level we offer freeware solutions for Decent Work conditions, Personal Excellence, Stress Factor Assessment and Work-Life-Flow. The training cover how these results can be aggregated on an organisational level and transferred into concrete improvement projects.

Leading Edge Group

Leading Edge Group develops a natural bond with leaders focusing on business transformation. We grow as your organization grows and improve performance by providing customized services that deliver measurable results.

Phoenix STS

At Phoenix STS, we specialize in providing customized first aid, health and safety, and fire safety training and consulting services to clients across the country. Our training programs are tailored to meet the specific needs and policies of your organization, and are designed to deliver both theoretical and practical knowledge. We are proud to offer a wide range of RoSPA, IATP, IFE, IIRSM, and CPD-approved courses, and our retail business supplies high-quality evacuation and training equipment. By working with us, you can ensure compliance and create a safer work environment for your employees.