Membership Categories

Membership Categories

As a member of IIESMS, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with professional peers to advance your career. You will also have the opportunity to continuously refresh your knowledge and skills via our various membership services when approved as a member of the Institute. You will have access to resources that will help you further your career and network with hundreds of other members of the Institute across Ireland and thousands more throughout the globe. In addition, the Institute offers possibilities for additional education, recruiting, and consulting services to its members. Member organisations may also become associated with other relevant professional organisations, and the Institute also acts as an intermediary between the Irish government and other regulatory authorities.


Membership Grades

There are two grades of Membership Corporate and Non-Corporate

A Corporate member is entitled to vote at General Meetings and use the designatory letters F.IIESMS, PC.IIESMS,  M.IIESMS, A.IIESMS and T.IIESMS are relevant to membership grade.

A Non-Corporate member is not entitled to vote at General Meetings and does not use designatory letters.


Corporate Members

To qualify as a corporate member, you need to have a qualification that is at least equivalent to level 6 on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications and show that you have an interest in developing and managing systems that safely and effectively integrate people, materials, and energy while maintaining safety.


Non-Corporate Members

Student Membership; Students enrolled in engineering or scientific discipline courses certified by the IIESMS or QQI approved are eligible for a reduced membership rate. Student membership, which needs evidence of current study or research and is restricted to a maximum of three years, demands proof of current study or research.

Membership Categories

Professionally Certified Engineer


Associate Member