Membership Categories

Membership Categories

Membership of IIESMS is an excellent way of joining with professional peers in advancing your career, allowing you to continually update your knowledge and expertise through our many membership services. On being accepted as a member of the Institute, you will gain access to the means of advancing your career and networking with hundreds of members of the Institute within Ireland and thousands worldwide. The Institute also provides opportunities for further education, recruitment and consultancy services. Members can also become affiliated to other related professional bodies and represent the Irish government and other regulatory bodies through the Institute.

Membership Grades

There are two grades of Membership Corporate and Non-Corporate

A Corporate member is entitled to vote at General Meetings and use the designatory letters F.IIESMS C.Eng, C.IIESMS C.Eng, M.IIESMS, A.IIESMS and T.IIESMS relevant to membership grade.

A Non-Corporate member is not entitled to vote at General Meetings and does not use designatory letters.

Corporate Members

A corporate member will qualify (equivalent to at least level 6 on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications) and a demonstrable interest in creating and managing systems that integrate people, materials, and energy productively and safely.

Non-Corporate Members

Student Membership; A discounted membership is available to students of engineering or science discipline studies certified by the IIE or QQI accredited. Student membership requires proof of current study or research and is limited to a maximum of 3 years.

Membership Categories



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