Membership Categories

Membership Categories

As a valued member of IIESMS, you unlock many opportunities for career advancement and continuous learning. Our extensive membership services offer a platform for you to refresh your knowledge and skills regularly. IIESMS provides access to various resources designed to propel your career forward. You can network with hundreds of other IIESMS members across Ireland and connect with thousands more globally.

In addition to these benefits, IIESMS offers possibilities for further education and recruiting and consulting services tailored to our members’ needs. We also foster connections with other relevant professional organisations, enhancing the breadth of our members’ professional networks. Furthermore, IIESMS serves as a liaison between its members, the Irish government, and other regulatory authorities, ensuring our members are always at the forefront of industry developments.

Membership Grades

There are two grades of Membership Corporate and Non-Corporate

As an IIESMS Corporate Member, you are granted the privilege to vote at General Meetings, influencing the direction of our institute. Additionally, you are entitled to use designatory letters such as F.IIESMS, PC.IIESMS, M.IIESMS, A.IIESMS, and T.IIESMS correspond to your membership grade.

On the other hand, a Non-Corporate Membership at IIESMS does not include voting rights at General Meetings nor the use of designatory letters. Despite these differences, all members are valued contributors to our community and play a crucial role in our collective mission.

Corporate Members

Candidates must meet specific criteria to be eligible for Corporate Membership at IIESMS. These include possessing a qualification that is at least equivalent to Level 6 on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications. This ensures our Corporate Members have a solid educational foundation in their respective fields.

Moreover, candidates must be interested in developing and managing systems that safely and effectively integrate people, materials, and energy safely and effectively. This interest is crucial as it aligns with our commitment to safety and effectiveness, a cornerstone of our Corporate Membership at IIESMS.

The benefits of Corporate Membership at IIESMS extend beyond these foundational principles. As a Corporate Member, you will have the opportunity to influence the direction of our institute through voting rights at General Meetings. You can also use designatory letters such as F.IIESMS, PC.IIESMS, M.IIESMS, A.IIESMS, and T.IIESMS, each corresponding to your specific membership grade.

By meeting these eligibility criteria and becoming a Corporate Member, you join a community of professionals dedicated to excellence in their fields and committed to continuously improving systems that safely and effectively integrate people, materials, and energy.

Non-Corporate Members

Eligibility for Non-Corporate Membership at IIESMS is specifically designed to accommodate students engaged in engineering or scientific disciplines. To qualify, students must be enrolled in courses certified by IIESMS or approved by QQI. This eligibility criterion ensures that our Non-Corporate Members actively pursue knowledge in relevant fields.

One of the key benefits of this membership category is the reduced membership rate, making professional development more accessible to students. This is part of our commitment to nurturing the next generation of professionals in the industry.

To maintain the integrity of our Non-Corporate Membership, we require evidence of current study or research. This ensures that our members are actively engaged in their professional development.

Please note that Non-Corporate Membership is limited to a maximum duration of three years. This policy ensures that our Non-Corporate Membership remains a dynamic and evolving community of emerging professionals, constantly refreshed with new ideas and perspectives.

By meeting these eligibility criteria and becoming a Non-Corporate Member, you join a vibrant community of students and emerging professionals, all committed to advancing their knowledge and skills in engineering and scientific disciplines.

Membership Categories

Student / Job Seeker / Retiree

Technician Engineer


Associate Member


Professionally Certified Engineer