Our History

Our History

Established in 1955, the Institute was a professional and qualifying body for Industrial Engineering and Safety Management. The Institute started life as “The Irish Work Society”. It was replaced by the Irish Work-Study Institute in 1963. Due to business development and to cater to the full range of techniques required to meet the needs of the Institute’s members, the name Institute of Industrial Engineers was adopted in 1970. The Institute’s Golden Jubilee was celebrated in 2005.

The Institute maintains a Branch structure throughout the country. Each branch selects a Committee and is represented by its Chairperson on the National Council. The National Council is the policy forming and managing body of the Institute.

The Institute has affiliations and co-operation agreements with like-minded organisations in many other countries.

To enhance the benefit to members, the Institute became the 79th Chapter of the American Institute in 1996 while maintaining its status as an independent national body.  Members of the Institute are also eligible for membership of the American Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers. Members who choose to avail of this facility have access to the membership benefits of that Institute.

In 2020 the Institute evolved into the Institute of Industrial Engineering and Safety Management Systems (IIESMS). The Institute is a founding member of the “World Confederation of Productivity Sciences”. The Institute is recognised by Government, Unions and Education organisations in Ireland. The Government has granted the Institute the right to make a nomination to the Industry and Commerce panel of the Irish Senate. The Institute is often consulted for input to government-industry white papers. In more recent years, the Institute has taken an active role and partnered in many European Union-funded projects.