National Council

National Council

The National Council of the Institute of Industrial Engineering & Safety Management Systems (IIESMS) supports the institute’s strategic direction, professional standards, and sector-specific initiatives. Its responsibilities are comprehensive, ensuring that all aspects of the institute’s mission are met effectively.

Strategic Direction and Policy Setting

The National Council sets the strategic priorities and policies for IIESMS, ensuring alignment with the institute’s mission to advance industrial engineering, safety management, and related disciplines. This involves long-term planning, identifying industry trends, and ensuring the institute’s activities are forward-thinking and responsive to changing professional needs.

Supporting Sector Groups

The National Council supports each sector group within IIESMS in the following ways:

Guidance and Oversight

  • The council provides strategic guidance to the sector groups, helping them align their activities with the institute’s overall goals.
  • Regular oversight ensures that sector groups operate effectively, maintaining high standards of professional practice.

Resource Allocation

  • The National Council allocates resources, including funding and professional support, to sector groups to enable them to carry out their activities.
  • This includes supporting training programs, research initiatives, and industry collaborations.

Facilitation of Collaboration

  • The council fosters collaboration between sector groups, encouraging the sharing of best practices and joint initiatives.
  • This enhances the interdisciplinary approach of IIESMS, promoting innovation and comprehensive solutions to industry challenges.

Membership and Professional Standards

The National Council is responsible for upholding the professional standards of IIESMS. This includes:

  • Evaluating Membership Applications: The council evaluates and approves applications based on recommendations from sector groups, ensuring that all members meet the institute’s high standards.
  • Certification and Accreditation: Ensures that certification and accreditation processes are rigorous, transparent, and aligned with international standards.

Involvement in European Projects

The National Council actively participates in European projects, contributing to the broader professional community and ensuring that IIESMS remains a key player on the international stage. This involvement includes:

Collaborative Research

  • Engaging in research projects with European partners to advance industrial engineering and safety management knowledge.
  • These projects often address cross-border challenges and promote innovation in safety and engineering practices.

Policy Development

  • Contributing to developing European policies and standards in industrial engineering and safety.
  • This ensures that the perspectives and expertise of IIESMS are represented at the policy-making level.

Professional Networks

  • Participating in European professional networks and forums to exchange knowledge and best practices.
  • This enhances the institute’s visibility and influence within the European professional community.

The National Council of IIESMS is pivotal in steering the institute towards achieving its mission and maintaining high standards of professional excellence. By supporting sector groups, ensuring rigorous membership and accreditation processes, and engaging in European projects, the council ensures that IIESMS remains a leading industrial engineering and safety management authority. This holistic approach benefits the members of IIESMS and contributes significantly to the broader professional community across Europe.

The National Council

Victoria Wilmott

F.IIESMS - President

Joe Kelly

F.IIESMS - Chairperson

Donal Nolan

F.IIESMS - Vice-Chairperson

Clodagh Dunphy

CIEng.IIESMS - Secretary

Kevin Barrett

F.IIESMS - Treasurer

C-Andreas Dalluege

F.IIESMS - National Council Member
International Cooperation

Donal Nolan

F.IIESMS - National Council Member
Business Development

Paddy McDonnell

F.IIESMS - National Council Member
Education & Learning

Hans-Dieter Schinner

F.IIESMS - National Council Member
International Business Processes

John Wells

F.IIESMS - National Council Member
Well-Being and Resilience Management

Daniel Vaughan

F.IIESMS - National Council Member
Honorary Member

Facility Management

Chairperson - Clodagh Dunphy CIEng.IIESMS

Industrial Engineering

Chairperson - Hans-Dieter Schinner F.IIESMS

Fire Safety

Chairperson - TBC

Health & Safety

Chairperson - Michael Woods CPSH.IIESMS


Chairperson - John Wells F.IIESMS