National Council

National Council

Seamus O'Sullivan

F.IIESMS C.Eng - President

Daniel Vaughan

F.IIESMS C.Eng - Vice-President

Joe Kelly

C.IIESMS C.Eng - Chairperson

Donal Nolan

C.IIESMS C.Eng - Vice-Chairperson

Cathal O’Conaill

F.IIESMS C.Eng - Secretary

Kevin Barrett

C.IIESMS C.Eng - Treasurer

C-Andreas Dalluege

C.IIESMS C.Eng - International Coordinator

Donal Nolan

C.IIESMS C.Eng - Director of Business

Victoria Wilmott

C.IIESMS C.Eng - Director of Education and Learning

Paddy McDonnell

C.IIESMS C.Eng - 'ag' Public Relations Officer

Donal Nolan

C.IIESMS C.Eng - 'ag' Chairperson Sustainable Industry & Systems Section

John Wells

C.IIESMS C.Eng - Chairperson Health, Safety, Decent Work & Excellence Section

Paddy McDonnell

C.IIESMS C.Eng - Chairperson Fire Safety & Emergency Response Planning Section

Hans-Dieter Schinner

C.IIESMS C.Eng - Chairperson Business Processes Section