Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure

IIESMS professionals are versatile and work across all sectors of the economy. Our team includes manufacturing experts, aerospace specialists, and professionals experienced in agriculture and food processing. We also have dedicated teams for the construction, healthcare, pharma, and forestry sectors. Our finance, leisure, fire & safety, hospitality, logistics, service sector, and education professionals are equally skilled and committed to excellence.

The National Council

Victoria Wilmott

F.IIESMS - President

Joe Kelly

PC.IIESMS - Chairperson

Donal Nolan

PC.IIESMS - Vice-Chairperson

Clodagh Dunphy

PC.IIESMS - Secretary

Kevin Barrett

PC.IIESMS - Treasurer

C-Andreas Dalluege

PC.IIESMS - Director of International Cooperation

Donal Nolan

PC.IIESMS - Director of Business

Paddy McDonnell

PC.IIESMS - Director of Education & Learning

Hans-Dieter Schinner

PC.IIESMS - Director of International Business Processes

John Wells

PC.IIESMS - Director of Well-being and Resilience Management

Daniel Vaughan

Honorary Member