Associate Member


Associate Membership is open to all former M.IIESMS and PC.IIESMS who have retired and those on a career break. Or, Graduates of a college of acceptable standards to the Institute whose employment is associated with engineering or a science discipline may apply for Associate Membership, or you are not currently operating as a practitioner or adviser or have just started your career in the field and do not yet meet the experience requirements to move up to Technical Membership.

When an Associate Member meets the criteria for Technical or Member status, they may transfer to Technical or Member. An Associate Member of IIESMS has only partial rights and privileges as determined by the National Council and may be updated periodically.

Education – the ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding is essential to the registration process. This may typically be by attaining appropriate academic qualifications; however, writing a technical report may also demonstrate this.

Competence and Commitment – a professional review of a written engineering practice report and an interview (if required) for Associate Member applicants. Any such reviews are measured against specified standards contained in EU-SPEC. It is not uncommon to register in one section and, as qualifications and experiences develop, to move to another. Equally, many engineers remain within one section for their professional careers.

Designatory letters will be used to signify this type of Member A.IIESMS.

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