Membership Benefits

We provide access to the US Institute, IISE, the world's preeminent professional society committed exclusively to bolstering the engineering profession and supporting individuals engaged in enhancing quality and productivity.

We offer access to an expansive network of IIESMS professionals. This network connects you to professional engineers specialising in productivity, environmental management, fire safety, and health & safety.

Participate in IIESMS conferences and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events, designed to foster learning, networking, and professional growth.

As a leading authority in continuing education, we offer cutting-edge programmes focusing on Industrial Engineering, Fire Safety, and Health & Safety Management Systems. Our commitment to excellence and innovation sets us apart in the field of engineering.

We are a recognised source of productivity enhancement and sustainable industry information. Our offerings span various platforms, including the Internet, publications, webinars, and live events. Our event portfolio includes an annual conference, topical conferences, and technical seminars designed to provide the latest insights and developments.

Gain exclusive access to comprehensive research outcomes from prestigious Horizon 2020, Erasmus, and Interreg projects. These projects, executed by IIESMS in collaboration with our partners, offer valuable insights and advancements in industrial engineering, fire and safety management systems. This access is a significant resource for professionals seeking to stay abreast of the latest developments and trends in the industry.

We offer an extensive array of member benefits, serving as an invaluable resource for professionals in the field. These benefits include timely industry updates, professional development programs, access to an online career centre, and networking communities. Our members also have the opportunity to join chapters and participate in affinity programs, providing both time and cost savings.

IIESMS is a pivotal organisation that shapes the future of our sector by representing our profession and influencing decision-makers. We are significant in informing the policy-making process across various aspects of Industrial Engineering, Fire Safety, and Health & Safety Management. The Institute formulates policy positions by consulting with its members and conveying their perspectives to policymakers, ensuring that our members' voices are heard at the highest levels of decision-making.

The Institute is a staunch supporter of Industrial Engineering, Fire Safety, and Health & Safety Management Systems professions. We endeavour to promote increased awareness of the integral role of IIESMS in sustainable development and life safety. In addition to our advocacy, IIESMS serves as an awarding body for Industrial Engineering, Fire Safety, and Health & Safety Management Systems, further solidifying our commitment to these critical fields.

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