Fellow (F.IIESMS)

Fellowship Certified Membership at the Institute of Industrial Engineers and Safety Management Systems (IIESMs) offers numerous advantages. As a Fellow, you join an elite group of professionals who have demonstrated exceptional service and commitment to the Institute. This status opens up opportunities for professional growth, leadership roles, and networking with other distinguished members within the IIESMS community. Being a Fellow also significantly impacts the broader sustainable engineering, fire safety, and safety and health community. As a role model, you can inspire others, share your expertise, and contribute to advancing these critical fields.

The Fellow (F.IIESMS) grade, the pinnacle of membership within IIESMS, is a prestigious honour reserved for engineers who have significantly contributed to the engineering profession and demonstrated leadership and excellence. Achieving the status of Fellow is not just a mark of distinction. As a testament to your professional recognition and the impact you’ve made in the field—the F.IIESMS designatory letters with Fellowship Certified Membership is a mark of professional recognition. They signify your exceptional contributions to the field and commitment to upholding the highest environmental, fire, and safety engineering standards.

Moreover, the requirement to keep your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record current ensures that you continue to update your skills, knowledge, and experience. This commitment to lifelong learning is beneficial for your professional growth and contributes to the overall advancement of the profession. In essence, Fellowship Certified Membership at IIESMS is more than just a status—it’s a commitment to excellence, a dedication to learning, and a testament to your significant contributions to your field.

Professional Experience

  • Typically, candidates should have at least 10 years of professional experience in a senior engineering role.
  • The experience should demonstrate significant responsibility and leadership within the engineering field.

Professional Contributions

  • Evidence of substantial contributions to the advancement of the engineering profession.
  • This may include involvement in professional societies, contributions to engineering knowledge through publications, and engagement in significant engineering projects or initiatives.

Leadership and Excellence

  • Demonstrated leadership in engineering practice, including management of major projects, teams, or organisations.
  • Recognition of excellence in the candidate’s engineering discipline.

Application Process

Nomination: – Candidates for Fellow must be nominated by at least two current Fellows of IIESMS. Nominators should provide supporting statements outlining the candidate’s qualifications and contributions to the profession.

Submission of Evidence: – A detailed application including a comprehensive CV, documentation of professional achievements, and evidence of contributions to the engineering profession. Candidates may need examples of major projects, publications, or other professional activities.

Peer Review: – The application is reviewed by a panel of senior members of IIESMS. The review assesses the candidate’s professional experience, contributions, and leadership in engineering.

Interview: – In some cases, candidates may be invited to an interview to discuss their application and demonstrate their professional competence and contributions.

Benefits of Fellowship

Professional Recognition: – The title of Fellow (F.IIESMS) is a prestigious mark of professional distinction and leadership within the engineering community. Fellows are recognised for their significant contributions to the engineering profession.

Networking Opportunities: – Access to exclusive events and networking opportunities with other senior engineers and industry leaders. Participation in high-level discussions and initiatives within IIESMS.

Influence and Contribution: – Opportunities to contribute to the strategic direction and governance of IIESMS. Involvement in mentoring and supporting the development of future engineering professionals.

Designatory Letters: – The right to use the designatory letters F.IIESMS, signifying status as a Fellow of IIESMS.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Fellows are expected to maintain their commitment to ongoing professional development.
  • Engagement in CPD activities to stay current with advancements in their field and continue contributing to the profession.

Achieving the Fellow (F.IIESMS) grade IIESMS is a significant professional milestone. It recognises engineers who have demonstrated exceptional leadership, excellence, and contributions to the engineering profession. The process involves nomination, submission of detailed evidence, peer review, and possibly an interview. The title of Fellow offers enhanced professional recognition, networking opportunities, and the ability to influence the future of the engineering profession.

Annual Subscription Rates

€395.00 (Retired €55.00)